Broadband and Mobile Phones

Update July 2020


We have been working with OR since last year on improving the broadband in the village, but due to a re-organisation at OR, and the lockdown, things have moved very slowly. They have now come back with a figure for installing fibre to each house in the village of £410,857.00!:  Last year they indicated a likely cost of £40K. There are no other details at the moment.

We are trying to find out why it has gone up by a factor of 10 since the original estimate as the size of the village is still the same! It is possible they now plan to bury the cables and include all of the outliers which would explain the increase. We are investigating and will find out what, why and what can be done about it. Obviously £410k is a non starter.

4G Broadband

We have spoken to Astra who have installed 4G in a number of locations in the Vale, including Pwll Y Wrach.  They report a very good Broadband speed. Two other properties in the village on the Cowbridge exchange are awaiting news of a grant so that they can have the 4G kit installed. The current speed for some is as low as 2mbs and Astra tested 4G at 30+.

Mobile Phones

Astra are talking to two mobile phone providers on our behalf about installing a mast, or similar, in the village which would provide phone and 4G coverage. The providers say they are interested.

We will need to establish the level of interest in the village to give the providers some idea of what the level of business is in it for them.

 We will keep you posted.

Astra Broadband website


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