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03 April 2019Newsletter Supplement Broadband in Colwinston

As you will know from our recent Facebook posting we are embarked on an initiative to bring Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband to every property in Colwinston. At the moment the fibre optic connection stops at the Village Cabinet and is via copper cable from there to individual subscribers. This results  in a significant drop in signal quality which a direct fibre optic connection will overcome. It will also dramatically improve landline sound quality. 

Improved Mobile signals are being pursued through a separate initiative.

However two or three residents who have already been in touch have confirmed our view that the business and business related use of Broadband in the area is very extensive. From the Pub to Farms and individual users it is clear that an upgrade is critical to achieve maximum efficiency in Rural Areas.

Based on what I believe from my enquires at least 50% of properties would benefit from ‘Superfast’ both from an Occupational and Leisure point of view. Working from home is a particular example.

However I need to be able support this assertion. Please therefore contact me with information about your service and your work/life requirements. Any such information will be accumulated anonymously and only presented in terms of overall figures. For example, numbers of properties and percentages of businesses or business related operations.

Thank you,

Peter Graham-Woollard 01656 661787 07925 150183

01 April 2019Broadband.

There have been a number of situations in which subscribers have experienced reduced Broadband download and upload speeds. There are three main reasons for this, increased traffic, especially over the Christmas and New Year period, an increase in the number of people working from home and the poor condition of the Copper Cable system from the the Fibre Optic Cabinet. Discussions are currently taking place with Openreach, the VoGC and the WAG with a view to the Copper Cable being replaced by a direct Fibre Optic Cable. When completed this connection will be available to all subscribers regardless of Internet Provider and increase download speeds and capacity up to twenty fold. In this way all subscribers would benefit especially those in the area who run businesses and who work from home. Whilst we know how many in the Village are connected to Broadband it would help to know how many residents would benefit as businesses or working from home. Please let me know on

19 March 2019Cowbridge U3A Open Day 30th March

Cowbridge U3A is holding an Open Day in the Lesser Hall, Cowbridge from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 30th March.  They hope that this will be a show case of what theye do and all our interest groups will be represented.  

They would very much appreciate it if we could let people in your local areas know about this and even come along to see to us yourselves.  

 U3A stands for the University of the Third Age which is a self-help organisation established 30 years ago for people no longer in full time employment providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment. 

31 January 2019New Bus Shelter for Crack Hill

As part of the upgrading of the westward bus stop on the A 48 Crack Hill, the Vale of Glamorgan will be placing a new bus shelter on the newly raised pavement area. The shelter is currently on order and will be installed when it is received by the Vale.

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The Vale of Glamorgan, Electoral Registration Team needs your help. They are currently conducting the Annual Canvass 2018. They are duty bound by law to write to all properties in the Vale of Glamorgan asking for basic information on the residents of each household over the age of 16 in order to update the Electoral Register before the publication on December 1st. The Council have already sent the first pink Household Enquiry Forms out in July and at the point of the deadline for this letter on August 17th 75% of the Vale of Glamorgan residents had responded to their forms. This is brilliant, however there is still more work to do and the Council would love to be able to exceed last year’s overall figure which was 88.4%.


The Council have written out again to all non-responders with a reminder letter. The deadline date for a response to this is September 20th. After this date they will have no alternative but to send out  house to house canvass teams to knock doors in order to complete the forms. Ultimately there would be a cost saving to the Vale of Glamorgan Council if they can reduce the amount of properties they have to visit as well as a saving on the amount of letters we would have to reprint.

So, if you have not as yet completed your Household Eform you can do quickly and easily via and entering the 2 security codes.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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