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02 May 2019Fly Tipping

Earlier this week someone dumped a Clear Builders Bag with a large quantity of Animal Remains and a large number of smashed eggs in the last Gateway just South of the A48 Crack Hill junction to the Village.

Apart from being grossly antisocial and against the Law the contents also posed a serious Health Risk.

Thanks to very prompt action by the Vale of   Glamorgan Council the material was removed and any risk minimised. Scavenging birds also helped clear up the eggs.

If you have any information which might help catch the culprits please pass it in confidence to the Temporary Clerk, Christine Roach

Thank you.

Peter Graham-Woollard - Chairman CCC


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The Vale of Glamorgan, Electoral Registration Team needs your help. They are currently conducting the Annual Canvass 2018. They are duty bound by law to write to all properties in the Vale of Glamorgan asking for basic information on the residents of each household over the age of 16 in order to update the Electoral Register before the publication on December 1st. The Council have already sent the first pink Household Enquiry Forms out in July and at the point of the deadline for this letter on August 17th 75% of the Vale of Glamorgan residents had responded to their forms. This is brilliant, however there is still more work to do and the Council would love to be able to exceed last year’s overall figure which was 88.4%.


The Council have written out again to all non-responders with a reminder letter. The deadline date for a response to this is September 20th. After this date they will have no alternative but to send out  house to house canvass teams to knock doors in order to complete the forms. Ultimately there would be a cost saving to the Vale of Glamorgan Council if they can reduce the amount of properties they have to visit as well as a saving on the amount of letters we would have to reprint.

So, if you have not as yet completed your Household Eform you can do quickly and easily via and entering the 2 security codes.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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