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23 January 2020Colwinston Fibre Optic Broadband Project

Current situation – houses in the village on the 01656 exchange are connected by copper wire to the distribution box which in turn is connected to the national fibre network.  Broadband performance is generally between 10 and 30mb/s.  Houses on the 01446 exchange are connected with copper to Cowbridge and only get less than 4mb/s. They are not included in this project.


OR to bring FOB to outside each house in the village to achieve a potential 1gb/s (1000mb/s)

Chosen ISP to take the connection into any house that chooses to upgrade at the outset

Other premises that choose not to connect to fibre will have fibre to the outside and continue with their current copper.  They will be able to connect to fibre in the future, at a cost.

Project cost


To be covered by grants

OR will be paid direct by the Government body concerned

Grants – if the village has 10 businesses who will sign up that will cover the whole cost @ £5500 each.  If not we need some private houses to make it up @ £800 each. 

Upfront costs to premises – ISP’s vary with some including the modem/router in the rental. Private houses that wish to connect at the outset can have the final connection charge covered by a grant – to be confirmed.

Running costs – ISP’s vary but for 1gb/s connection first year £32/45pm and subsequent years £50/60pm.  Private houses who do not apply for the grant will continue with their present arrangement

Next steps

We will be making contact with residents and businesses in the near future to establish who wants what and is willing to help apply for grants.  We are assured there will be no cost to individuals for the basic fibre installation, only if residents have a connection into their premises.

Any thoughts, comments, questions etc please email

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Certification and approval of annual accounts for 2019-20

Regulation 15(1) of the Accounts and Audit (Wales) Regulations 2014 (as amended) requires that Responsible Financial Officer of Colwinston Community Council to sign and date the statement of accounts, and certify that it presents fairly the financial position of Colwinston Community Council at the end of the year and the Council’s income and expenditure for the year. The Regulations required that this be completed by 30 June 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Colwinston Community Council has not met to approve the accounts.

Dated: 29th June 2020

Kevin Protheroe

Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

Colwinston Community Council

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