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14 August 2019Council Newsletter August 2019

Waste Collections

A new Waste Collection System will come into  operation in October. We have emphasised to the VoGC that it is important for residents to know  what is involved. As a result we are arranging for a Road Show to visit the Village to demonstrate    the new collection equipment, distribute some  leaflets and answer questions. We shall circulate  details of the arrangements in the near future.

In the meantime from Monday 19th. August 2019 recycling will not be accepted in carrier bags or  white, clear or coloured sacks, only in Council issued bags or boxes which most of you already   have. If not, they are available from Cowbridge  Library, Civic Offices or the Alps Depot at Wenvoe, CF5 6AA.

See for further details.

Tree Planting

The Community Council thanks all those who    made suggestions as to where trees could be        planted around the Village and also offers of help with planting programmes.

Amongst the suggestions from Villagers was to  make use of roadside verges and the Countryside  in general. Unfortunately landowners have not  responded understandably because trees in fields  tend to hamper efficient farming. This means  there is even more need to follow up the   suggestion to create tree lined avenues making    use of the roadside verges.

As a result the Community Council has started    discussions with the Vale of Glamorgan Council   in order to establish the scope for planting on     what is part of the Highway and will be subject   to a range of safety considerations. The VoGC   will also consult adjacent landowners who will  want to ensure that their ability to maintain fences and hedgerows is not made more difficult. This is a legal requirement.

We will update you further later in the year but    inevitably it will be 2020 before any programme might get under way.

Of more immediate concern is the problem of Ash die back in the area. This is an air borne virus     which has become very apparent in this year.     Unfortunately we have a very high proportion of Ash around the Village and felling and replacement with Ash saplings does not appear a viable option at this stage. This we are also          discussing with the Vale of Glamorgan Council.  Even so many self seeded saplings have emerged this year and the green fingered amongst us will  have no problem in putting them in pots to keep   them in a sapling bank as they might prove to be virus resistant and suitable for replacing those we lose.

Ed Lewis will keep us all up to date but if you  have queries, comments or ideas please contact   him via the Community Council Website.

Vines and Heol Cae Pwll Street Adoption and  Attenuation Basin Safety

Street Adoption matters are currently a major UK problem and likely to require Westminster  Legislation to make Developers comply with  the agreed specifications. In the meantime this does   not address owners concerns. Having just discussed this matter with the VoGC Director  concerned I shall now discuss with Cllr. Ed Lewis (the Vines) and Cllr. John Savery (Heol Cae Pwll) as to how to best brief owners in these areas on the actions which you might care to take individually or collectively through your own legal representatives. 

The Attenuation systems at both sites are a particular problem and the VoGC has drawn both Persimmons (the Vines) and Redrows (Heol Cae Pwll) attention to the seriousness of these matters.

With regard to Safety I hope to agree a wrought iron fence extension to Heol Cae Pwll Attenuation Basin and will shortly be submitting proposals to  the VoGC Director responsible and with whom I  have already had discussions.

For legal reasons I cannot be publicly more specific but if you have individual concerns please contact me, 01656 661787, when I shall    try to direct you to the most appropriate source of advice,


We have completed a comprehensive analysis of  potential Fibre Optic Broadband Residential and Business requirements in Colwinston. With some 700 individuals in houses along with about 40  businesses plus a very high number of people working from home we have an excellent case for an upgrade. Our report will be submitted to the AG, the VoGC and Openreach by the middle of this month. 

St. David’s Church in Wales School

Most of you will be aware that the VoGC Cabinet has approved the building of the new school on    the existing site. Inevitably this will cause varying levels of inconvenience which the VoGC is doing all it can to minimise. The CC will be meeting    with the Senior Manager in charge of this project, indeed all the current Vale School rebuilding programme, in the near future. So if you have any observations which you would want us to raise    please let me know.

Road Resurfacing 

By the time you read this you will have probably have seen evidence in the Western Vale of the first phase of the Vale’s Road Resurfacing programme. It is not clear which of the priority routes in this   area will be addressed this year but those which  are not will be dealt with next summer. This will be the case with the area in front of the new  school which it is hoped will include a range of  infrastructure modifications.

Brown Tourist Information Signs, Pedestrian  Signs and 30 MPH signs.

Some years ago the VoGC changed its Highway   signage policy in order to reduce ‘clutter’. Not only did it fail, it meant that no new Brown  Tourist Information Signs have been permitted.   This has had an adverse effect on the local tourist industry including for example the Sycamore Tree and Highfield Farm Cottages. It is undoubtedly    time for this policy to be reviewed and through   Cllr. Christine Cave we shall be submitting proposals to the VoGC.

Following observations from residents we have  also submitted revised proposals for ‘Pedestrians  in Road’ signs to be erected at the entrances to the Village. This has previously been rejected but we are now more optimistic of success.

After a long wait all the damaged 30MPH signs   have either been replaced or renewed. The matter of 20MPH speed limits is in the hands of the WAG. This said the area in front of the School is  likely to become a 20MPH zone when the rebuild is complete.

Peter Graham-Woollard - Chairman - Colwinston Community Council -

18 June 2019Archwilio Audit

The Wale Audit Office note concerning the Council will be found in the Library under Audit.

10 June 2019Hysbysiad Cyhoeddus : Public Notice


RHODDIR HYSBYSIAD TRWY HYN bod Sedd Wag ar gael ar y Cyngor a enwir uchod ac os nas gofynnir am etholiad fel y nodir isod bydd y Cyngor Cymuned yn llenwi’r swydd wag ar sail cyfetholiad.

Cynhelir etholiad os bydd DEG o etholwyr llywodraeth leol ar gyfer Ward Etholiadol TREGOLWYN yn rhoi rhybudd ysgrifenedig i Swyddog Etholiad Cyngor Bro Morgannwg yn Swyddfeydd Dinesig, Heol Holton, y Barri, CF63 4RU, ddim hwyrach na 12 o’r gloch, sef hanner nos, ar dydd ddydd Llun 24 Mehefin 2019.

Dyddiedig 5 Mehefin 2019


Kevin Protheroe, Clerc y Cyngor, Cyngor Cymuned Tregolwyn, 1 White House, Y Barri

Bro Morgannwg CF62 6FB


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Casual Vacancy exists for the above named Council and if no election is requested as below the Community Council will fill the vacancy by way of co-option.

An election will be held if TEN local government electors for the COLWINSTON Ward give notice, in writing, of a request for such an election to the Returning Officer, The Vale of Glamorgan Council, Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry CF63 4RU, no later than 12 o'clock midnight on Monday 24 June 2019.

Dated 5 June 2019


10 June 2019Boundary Review for the Vale



Mae'r Comisiwn Ffiniau a Democratiaeth Leol Cymru ar fin cynnal arolwg o'r trefniadau etholiadol ar gyfer Bwrdeistref Sirol Bro Morgannwg. Ymhlith y materion y bydd y Comisiwn yn eu hystyried bydd maint Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Bro Morgannwg a nifer a ffiniau ei ranbarthau etholiadol yn seiliedig ar y patrwm presennol o gymunedau a wardiau cymunedol.

Cyn dechrau llunio eu cynigion drafft, mae'r Comisiwn yn estyn gwahoddiad i unrhyw berson neu gorff sydd â diddordeb yn yr arolwg i anfon eu sylwadau cychwynnol nail ai drwy e-bost i: yn ysgrifenedig at: Yr Prif Weithredwr, Comisiwn Ffiniau a Democratiaeth Leol Cymru, Tŷ Hastings, Llys Ffitsalan, CAERDYDD, CF24 0BL rhwng 8 Mai 2019 a 30 Gorffennaf 2019.

Gellir cael mwy o wybodaeth am yr arolwg a gwaith y Comisiwn ar wefan y Comisiwn:

Sylwch y gellir cyhoeddi’r sylwadau a gyflwynir. Os na fydd yr ymatebydd yn dymuno datgelu ei enw na’i gyfeiriad yn gyhoeddus, rhaid nodi hyn yn eglur yn yr ymateb.



The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales are about to conduct a review of the electoral arrangements for the County Borough of the Vale of Glamorgan. Among the matters the Commission will consider are the size of Vale of Glamorgan County Borough Council and the number and boundaries of its electoral wards based on the existing pattern of communities and community wards.


Before they begin to formulate their draft proposals, the Commission invite any person or body having an interest in the review to send their initial comments via email to:, or in writing to: The Chief Executive, Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales, Hastings House, Fitzalan Court, CARDIFF, CF10 0BL between 8 May 2019 and 30 July 2019.


Further information about the review and the work of the Commission can be found on the Commission’s website:


Please note that the comments received may be published. If the respondent does not wish to publicly disclose their name and address this must be stated expressly in the response.


09 June 2019Beware e-mail Hackers!

Can you please be aware that there have been some e-mail account hackings in the village. Please do not respond to requets for money, vouchers or anything else from e-mails suggesting that they come from local people. The format is a request for help and if anyone replies it opens up a way for the Hacker to access your account.

DELETE all such mails!!

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The Vale of Glamorgan, Electoral Registration Team needs your help. They are currently conducting the Annual Canvass 2018. They are duty bound by law to write to all properties in the Vale of Glamorgan asking for basic information on the residents of each household over the age of 16 in order to update the Electoral Register before the publication on December 1st. The Council have already sent the first pink Household Enquiry Forms out in July and at the point of the deadline for this letter on August 17th 75% of the Vale of Glamorgan residents had responded to their forms. This is brilliant, however there is still more work to do and the Council would love to be able to exceed last year’s overall figure which was 88.4%.


The Council have written out again to all non-responders with a reminder letter. The deadline date for a response to this is September 20th. After this date they will have no alternative but to send out  house to house canvass teams to knock doors in order to complete the forms. Ultimately there would be a cost saving to the Vale of Glamorgan Council if they can reduce the amount of properties they have to visit as well as a saving on the amount of letters we would have to reprint.

So, if you have not as yet completed your Household Eform you can do quickly and easily via and entering the 2 security codes.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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