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Colwinston Community Council

Changes to recycling in the Vale

Added on 22 May 2019

Vale of Glamorgan Council: Recycling Presentation

Ewenny Village Hall 18th. June 2019 7:00 PM

There will be a Recycling Presentation by the Recycling Officer for The Vale of Glamorgan Council for representatives and residents of Llandow and Ewenny Ward Community Councils in Ewenny Village Hall at 7:00PM on Tuesday 18th. June 2019.

Members from Community Councils throughout the area will be attending and spaces are available for Members of the Public. They are however limited so if you would wish to attend would you please let our Deputy Clerk - Cllr. Christine Roach know in advance.

As there will be the opportunity for Questions but you are unable to attend please let Christine Roach know and she will ask them for you.