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Colwinston Community Council

Council News September 2020

Added on 11 September 2020
Since the start of lockdown the Council has not been able to meet publicly but members remained in touch by email. Recently the Council recommenced meetings via Zoom. We will be monitoring the situation as to when it will be possible to meet again in public. There has been public access to Council meetings on Zoom which has been observed by one member of the public. The planning for the new School is progressing with the Vale with detailed plans being passed by the Council. The Community Council has expressed reservations on several points during the consultation process but sadly there has not been any serious effort made to address some of the issues raised- particularly the additional traffic. The Community |Council has pressed the Vale to resolve the failed street lighting in St Michael’s Close and repair work has recently started to resolve the problem. Update on Fibre broadband and mobile phones. Cllr Carl Hadley reports: Broadband – very few people in the village on 01656 numbers are interested in the 4G option but it is of use for anyone on the Cowbridge exchange as there is no prospect of fibre coming anywhere near these properties. Twmpath has changed over and broadband reception is generally over 30mbs. Openreach are still working on full fibre to the 01656 properties but very slowly. We have enlisted the help of Jane Hutt who has asked the WG minister to take it up with OR. Alun Cairns is also applying pressure. Mobile phone coverage – we are talking to a company in Cambridge who have provided equipment to help improve mobile signals. We will update the CCC website in the next few days when we have more information.. There is an Electoral Commission Draft proposal which affects our area– consultation restarted 1st September 2020. Due to the ongoing lockdown the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales have agreed to postpone the restart of their consultation until 1 September 2020. The consultation will then run for 50 days closing on 20 October 2020. The structure of the Llandow/Ewenny ward will change under the current proposals. We have been following up the outstanding issues on Heol Cae Pwll with the Vale. The current situation is that the attenuation pond has now been generally agreed by the Vale. However, the council is waiting for the developer to amend the pond detail and provide a footpath and benches on an area next to the pond before the relevant planning condition can be discharged. Furthermore, there are additional issues that the developer is required to resolve and complete prior to discharging planning Condition 4 or completing the S38 agreement and subsequent adoption of the site. This is briefly summarised below: The paved section of road from Plot 7 to 16 requires remedial works. There are 4 road signs that have not been installed adjacent to plots 57 & 23. Amendments to the carriageway narrowing and raised table feature are required. The shared surface on the southern half of the site is not constructed to highway standards for a shared surface and needs to be amended. • Numerous snagging items associated with street lighting to be completed and re-inspected before adoption. On the adoption of The Vines, the developers submitted a survey of drains to Dwr Cymru Welsh Water in January of this year. Dwr Cymru lost the first submission and Persimmon had to re-submit. Since there has still been no response from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, the Community Council has now made a complaint to Dwr Cymru Welsh Water about this delay. The historic coffin stile which was part of the Conservation Area in the middle of the Village and was removed some months ago, is now an ongoing matter with the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Conservation Officer seeking reinstatement. The Vale have the legal power to do this. Some residents may remember the 18th century Clapper Bridge that has been hidden under the undergrowth in the Old Ford area near Ty Draw farmhouse. The Community Council has secured a grant from the Vale of Glamorgan to help with the restoration of this ancient feature of the village. It is hoped that the work will start soon. The Old Ford area attracted many families and children during the lockdown when substantially more villagers took their exercise by walking the local lanes. As a result the Community Council are in discussions with the Vale of Glamorgan Legal Department to take responsibility once more for the Old Ford area. During the time of the former Parish Council this was an area for which they had some responsibility, but following the bridging of the stream in the early 1900’s the area became very neglected. The Community Council would like to develop the Old Ford area into a nature conservation zone. This was originally looked at about fifteen years ago but was not undertaken because of cost. Since then the village has become much larger and it will be easier to manage any ongoing costs for maintenance. If anyone in interested in joining in this project perhaps you will let our Clerk know. ( )