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Council Newsletter May 2019

Added on 18 May 2019

Progress on projects during the last few weeks has been frustratingly slow as we await approval or comment from such as the VoGC, WAG, and BT. Hopefully by the end of June things will be rather better.

Our Clerk

We are most pleased that Kevin Protherow will resume his duties on 20th. May. When this is confirmed we will publish his contact details on the Community Council Website. In the meantime any contact should be through the Temporary Honorary Clerk, Chris Roach. . If she is not available and the matter needs a speedy Vale Council response, eg Fly Tipping please contact me,

Fly Tipping

As last reported, we have hnow ad two relatively unpleasant Fly Tipping incidents in the last month. Three weeks ago someone left a large clear builders rubble bag of animal remains and at least two dozen broken eggs in a farm gateway just before the A48 junction. Crows made short work of the eggs but the bag was another matter. There was a second similar incident near Wick. Then this week contractors fly tipped what appears to be the rubbish resulting from a refurbishment project in the area, into the ditch on the road from Stembridge to Ewenny. A smashed large wash basin, plastic piping, stud partitioning even an empty gas canister and various household electrical items were amongst the rubbish. The VoGC dealt with both these incidents very efficiently and quickly. Should they discover any evidence which suggests who was responsible they will consider prosecution. Should anyone have any evidence please let know in confidence.


Please let us have any observations and questions regarding the new VoGC recycling arrangements. or

Village Maintenance

Unfortunately the update on this topic was too late for inclusion in last months printed Newsletter so it is reproduced below.

‘Maintenance of the larger areas of the Village is undertaken by the Vale Council and that programme begins next month. (May). The Community Council looks after the Village Well, The Spinney Bank and the Little Hill where the programme started at the beginning of this month. (April). We are fortunate that Alun Austin looks after the Village Green where a new footpath past the new recently installed Notice Board, fabricated from Oak donated by John and Julie Lloyd, will be laid during the Summer. Cllr. Roach has also placed a copy of the Village Map and Meetings dates together with Member information on the Notice Board which Billy Browning helped us fit. John Lloyd has also revarnished the Bollards and Cynthia and Richard Gibbs regularly contribute much valued time on Little Hill whilst Ed Lewis and the Litter Picker Group undertake year round work helping to keep the area tidy. Thank you all.’

Broadband and Tree Planting

Thank you to those who responded to our requests in regard to the Broadband Survey and your views on the proposed Tree Planting Programme. These were most helpful. We shall keep you updated through the Newsletter and Community Council Website. .


The new Defibrillator at The Sycamore is expected to be installed during week commencing 20th. May. The old equipment will then be assessed and a decision made as to the feasibility of its being upgraded and being re-sited at the Village Hall. If not viable, a new complete unit will be installed.

Next Meeting

Please note that due to Building Works, the next meetings of the Community Council, the AGM and OGM, will be held at St. Davids Church in Wales School on 20th May 2019 at 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM respectively and not in The Sycamore.


Community Council News and information is regularly updated on our Website.

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