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Added on 22 April 2019

It has been quite a frustrating few weeks. As you will all know from the Council Tax debate, County Finances are severely stretched which means that support for key projects is delayed and we have to work harder to source funds. From roads to routine maintenance, pet projects to the resolution of major issues we are making progress. But we need your continued support.

Village Maintenance

Maintenance of the larger areas of the Village is undertaken by the Vale Council and that programme begins next month. The Community Council looks after the Village Well, The Spinney Bank and the Little Hill where the programme started at the beginning of this month. We are fortunate that Alan Austin looks after the Village Green where a new footpath past the new recently installed Notice Board will be laid during the Summer.


The state of the roads in and around the area is a cause for growing concern especially where the edges are collapsing forcing pedestrians and cyclists towards the centre. We are high on the list of priority resurfacing programmes but it is likely to be mid to late summer before these get underway so it is vitally important that all road users take extra care. We are also discussing the feasibility of a 20mph speed limit.

With regard to the footpath outside The Old School House we have put forward proposals to the Vale of Glamorgan as we are not allowed to effect repairs ourselves without permission from the Highways Department. We are awaiting observations from the Vale and as on most matters Cllr. Cave is doing all she can to speed matters up.


New recycling arrangements have now been introduced across the Vale. However the scheme has encountered problems mainly due to householder confusion. There is also much criticism about the suitability of the Llandow recycling facility, the modernisation of which is long overdue. 

Strong representations have been made and next month all Community Councils in the Llandow and Ewenny ward will be meeting with Vale Officers. Please let us have any questions you would wish to raise as soon as possible via or the Community Council Website or Facebook. In the meantime the Vale of Glamorgan Council Website is a most useful source of information on recycling services.

Broadband and Mobile Services

Thanks to those of you who have contacted us in response to previous appeals for information regarding your requirements from Broadband and Mobile services we have been able to make a very credible assessment in support of a Grant Application for Fibre Optic and Mobile transmission upgrades. For example this has revealed much, much higher levels of business, professional and educational demand than previously thought. We expect to be able to complete this assessment and present our case to BT, the WAG and VoGC at the end of the month.


It remains our intention to up grade the Defibrillator at the Sycamore and install an additional one at the Village Hall. Anyone know of a local registered Electrician who might be prepared to do the connection work for a modest fee.


Over the last couple of decades we have lost at least 30 or so mature trees largely due to storm damage. Those in open Countryside have not been replaced even though some ornamental species have been included as a condition of planning permission where development has been undertaken.

As a result the Community Council is currently discussing how best to correct this problem with the Woodland Trust. Obviously this is a long term project and there are general guidelines. 

The land on which trees are planted under the Woodland Trust Schemes needs to be accessible to the Public or if on Private land must be able to be seen as part of the overall view. We would also need to consult the Highways Department of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The immediate next step for the first phase is to identify potential places where trees could be planted and then obtain landowner permission. We have until this July to apply to the Woodland Trust to benefit from their scheme and should we be successful would be looking for volunteers to assist in the planting work this November.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Do you have any suggestions as to the locations for deciduous native tree planting around the Village?

Would you be willing to volunteer to help plant the trees?

Please send your observations to via the Community Council Website or

Heol Cae Pwll

Various representations have been made to the VoGC about matters which impact on the Adoption of the area, particularly drainage, sewerage and Attenuation Basin safety. As a result we were informed that VoGC Officers were to meet with senior Redrow Managers about these and other issues. More recently we have been told that ‘men in suits wearing hi vis jackets’ have been seen on site. It has since been confirmed that this was in connection with the various Heol Cae Pwll development matters. 

I have been promised formal observations in the next few days. These will be discussed at the Community Council Meeting on 20th. May next, but in the meantime will be published on the Community Council Website as soon as possible. If residents have specific matters they wish to raise individually please contact me, .


The Community Council has contributed £300:00 towards the additional Drainage Certificate Fees required in relation to the re-development of the Playground.

St. David’s Church in Wales School Expansion.

The consultation period for this project has now ended and a report published. To view go to

Register of Community Council Members Register of Interests.

A resident recently queried why the Community Councillors Register of Interests on the Community Council Website was not up to date. Official enquiries have indicated that unlike MP’s, AM’s and County Councillors all of whom are paid, Community Councillors are voluntary and are only required to record their interests with the Statutory Monitoring Officer. The information has therefore been removed from the Website.


Our Clerk will return to full duties after his recent illness at the OGM on 20th. May 2017. 

In the meantime any communications should be addressed through the Temporary Clerk, or me chairman.colcommcoun@yahoo.

Peter Graham-Woollard, Chairman Colwinston Community Council - 20:04:2019