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Newsletter Supplement Broadband in Colwinston

Added on 03 April 2019

As you will know from our recent Facebook posting we are embarked on an initiative to bring Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband to every property in Colwinston. At the moment the fibre optic connection stops at the Village Cabinet and is via copper cable from there to individual subscribers. This results  in a significant drop in signal quality which a direct fibre optic connection will overcome. It will also dramatically improve landline sound quality. 

Improved Mobile signals are being pursued through a separate initiative.

However two or three residents who have already been in touch have confirmed our view that the business and business related use of Broadband in the area is very extensive. From the Pub to Farms and individual users it is clear that an upgrade is critical to achieve maximum efficiency in Rural Areas.

Based on what I believe from my enquires at least 50% of properties would benefit from ‘Superfast’ both from an Occupational and Leisure point of view. Working from home is a particular example.

However I need to be able support this assertion. Please therefore contact me with information about your service and your work/life requirements. Any such information will be accumulated anonymously and only presented in terms of overall figures. For example, numbers of properties and percentages of businesses or business related operations.

Thank you,

Peter Graham-Woollard 01656 661787 07925 150183