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Colwinston Community Council

Recycling Issues

Added on 18 October 2019

Discussions with the Vale following this weeks’ Recycling difficulties has brought additional information from the Officers responsible. They have informed us that they recognise that they are having problems with contamination particularly around film material which cannot be processed. They also agree that they need to do some further work to rectify this which their communications team are working on over the weekend. Plastics are the issue and they have given us some further guidance out for messaging. If residents are confused then they acknowledge that they need to provide better advice. Basically the rule is if its rigid include it, if its soft place it in your black bag.

Here are some examples...

We accept all rigid plastic such as..............

Yoghurt pots

Cleaning products – i.e. trigger sprays / bleach bottles etc..

Containers such as shampoo / bubble bath etc.. Water bottles – i.e. spring water bottles Milk bottles (plastic) Tetra packs – juice cartons

Plastic rigid cartons/boxes/tubs i.e. a punnet of strawberries, a rigid plastic container such as the ones muffins come in or various fruit

Plastic Trays (except brown and black plastics) Takeaway cartons (i.e. Chinese takeaway plastic boxes and lids but clean)

We also except the hard lids of the plastics above

What we don’t accept is soft plastic............

Vegetable bags

Fruit bags

Potato bags i.e. all soft plastic bags and wrapping

Wrapping such as coloured plastic that goods are delivered in from couriers

Carrier bags

Lids of yoghurt pots or ready meals (sleeves/film)

Bread bags

Bubble wrap

Any food coverings non rigid

Also tablet / medication strips

Next week the Vale hope to engage waste wardens to follow vehicles and help with the problem and engage with residents and most importantly clarify issues with contamination. They have acknowledged that the first couple of weeks will be difficult but hopefully learning from issues raised the Vale will be able to clarify/provide the right advice to make the new system work.