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Colwinston Community Council

Redrow Development

Added on 11 January 2015

     The planning department of the Vale of Glamorgan CC have confirmed that the Redrow planning application for housing behind St David’s school will be considered by the planning committee at its meeting on Thursday 15th January. The Planning Officers are RECOMMENDING ACCEPTANCE OF THE PLAN.

     The members and officers of the committee will hold a site meeting in Colwinston at 9.30am on that day to discuss the project.

      The site meeting is conducted in a similar fashion to all council meetings, in that members of the public may attend but are not allowed to speak during the meeting. Nevertheless it is vital that as many villagers as possible attend the meeting, to display our opposition to this development, and we do urge you if at all possible to come along.

      We anticipate that I will, with the chairman’s permission, be allowed to address the members and summarise our opposition to this development, and that after the meeting is closed, the members will remain for a while and give an opportunity for villagers to talk to them about our concerns.

      It is important that we use this opportunity responsibly; disrupting the meeting will undoubtedly result in it being ended prematurely, which would irritate the members, and not help our cause at all.

      So, please turn up, and let the members know about your objections, but after their meeting is formally closed!

Geoff Bates

Chairman Colwinston Community Council