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Redrow - latest complaints

Added on 03 May 2016

A Redrow representative attends all COmmunity Council meetings, so if you wish to make a complaint about anything to do with the Redrow development do let the Clerk or one of your Councillors know.

Here are the issues discussed at the April 2016 Meeting with Mr Jonathan Finch from Redrow:-

Mr Finch started his update by stating that he had had a query from a resident on the starting time for groundworks, he confirmed that it was 8am and that he had reminded his workers of that, he had also asked residents to continue to report to him any work starting before 8am.


There was a question from Cllr Maclehose about the amount of mud and silt on the two drains below the development.  Mr Finch explained that he had actually put silt bags in a number of drains to prevent silt going down, so the amount on top was normal and would not cause any water blockages.  Cllr Maclehose went on to thank Mr Finch for putting the fence up around the school early.


The Chair queried the stone that had been used for the entrance pillars which did not seem in keeping with the village.  Mr Finch explained that this had been chosen by the VoG planning department.


Cllr Lewis asked if it might be possible for Redrow to put a surface on the footpath from Maes y Bryn to the first stile, in order to go somewhat to appease those that had been affected by the closed footpath through the site.  Mr Finch was happy to discuss this with Redrow.