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Colwinston Community Council

Redrow - LDP

Added on 03 May 2016

The draft LDP is now being assessed by an examiner appointed by the Assembly. Part of this process involved a series of Hearing Sessions held last month. One session was concerned with “Alternative Sites” -  these are sites for development  which landowners or developers want to be added to the LDP.


Redrow and some local landowners had already made requests for sites to be included and the hearing session gave them an opportunity to present additional information in support of their requests.


The paper by Nathaniel Litchfield & Partners acting for Redrow, which caused concern and confusion within the village, was presented to the hearing session for this purpose. A copy of this paper is on the library section of this website . The land is situated immediately to the east of the current development, and their intention was to build initially a further fifty dwellings!


The Community Council has opposed Redrow's alternative site application, as it has opposed most other similar applications from the local landowners.


It is not a planning application, and no pre application meetings have been held between the developer and the Vale's Planning Department.


However, I am sure that having bought an option on this land, at some time we shall see a planning application from Redrow for housing development on the site. Clearly they would prefer to obtain planning permission to continue building when the present site is completed. Whether or not the site is included in the adopted LDP will significantly affect the likelihood of planning permission being granted.


The Community Council will oppose any such application, and with this in mind, have already made contact with planning consultants to prepare a strategy to get any application on this land and any subsequent appeal, refused. When the outcome of the examination, or any further moves by the developer are known, you will be the first to hear.