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Colwinston Community Council

Replying to the LDP

Added on 27 November 2013

The Community Council response will be found here:

Here is a list of issues raised by the proposed development that could be used in any response to the LDP Deposit Plan. We would urge everyone to write, email or go online as much consideration is given to the number of individual responses received particularly those using the new Representation Forms.
- Utility services are already working to capacity and drainage and sewerage is failing to the extent that Welsh Water may not connect any further development to the mains without major improvements to the existing system. (LPD Objective 2 and Policy MD1 in avoiding areas of flood risk and Policy MD8 in relation to both flooding and pollution risks.)
- Alternative cess-pit and soakaway arrangements would cause flooding and pollution problems. (Policy MD8)
- Although the village does not lie within a C2 Flood Zone there is regular proven local flood occurrences caused by surface water drainage problems along the Heol Faen Valley which the development would only make worse. (LDP Objective 2 and Policies MD1 and MD8)
- The completely inadequate bus service of 3 buses a day all outside peak hours has now been withdrawn from 20 July 2013. (LDP Objectives 2 and 3, Policy SP7 in relation to reducing the need to travel and MD1 in promoting the need for sustainable travel))
- Other than the School, Church, Pub and Village Hall there are no other services or facilities in the village. (LDP Objectives 2 and 3 and Policies SP7 and MD1)
- St David’s Church in Wales Primary School only has limited capacity and, with no room to expand, would find it difficult to cope with possibly some100 additional children stemming from the proposed housing development. (LDP Objective 5 seeks to ensure that new housing development does not impose undue pressure on schools.)

- Due to the lack of facilities and services in the village, and now no local bus service, most families run at least one but mainly two cars. This would see an increase in the number of cars by 100 plus and the number of daily journeys in and out of the village by some 200 or so. (LDP Objectives 2 and 3 and Policies SP7, MD1and MD3 (8) regarding renewable and low carbon energy use.)
- This leads to road safety issues in conjunction with existing traffic problems at the school with possibly up to a 100 additional children plus parents where access is via narrow lanes without pavements. Road widening of these lanes and improvements to the junction at the top of Crack Hill will be needed. (Policy MD3 (9) where new developments should have no unacceptable impact on highway safety and would not cause or exacerbate existing traffic congestion.)
- The local housing need is minimal and substantially less than 65 houses. (LDP Objective 7 and Policies MD1 and MD2 directing new development to sustainable locations to support the needs of the local community.)
- There are biodiversity issues regarding taking away good agricultural land that provides a habitat for birds (including a pair of breeding red kites), butterflies, bats and other animals. Red kites and bats are both protected species. (Policy MD6 where the loss of open space and “paddocks” would not be acceptable and LDP Objective 10 to use land effectively and efficiently and to sustain and manage natural resources. In relation to habitat the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and LDP Policy MD10 promoting biodiversity.)
- An increase in the size of the village by some 50% is completely out of scale and would have an adverse effect on the character and integrity of the village and Conservation Area. In so doing it would breech many national planning policies in relation to building within a rural settlement and close to a Conservation Area and also those policies and objectives within the LDP itself. (The Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (CAAMP) 2009, Welsh Government Planning Policies HOUS2 and HOUS8, LDP Policies MD2, 3 and 11and in particular Policy MD6 concerning development within minor rural settlements.)
- It would turn Colwinston from a small peaceful village into a commuter hub for Cardiff, Bridgend and elsewhere. (Sadly merely a matter of fact!)

The Vale of Glamorgan On line reply form will be found here: