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Colwinston Community Council

St. David’s Church in Wales School

Added on 20 March 2018

The Redrow Development was subject to what is known as a Section 106 Development Levy which in total amounted to about £1.8m. Of this much was spent on drainage and sewerage infrastructure works. The balance amounting to about £0.5m is to allocated to improving playground facilities but with the bulk being used to upgrade the Village School and complete and maintain the Attenuation Basin on the St. David’s Meadow Site.

The St. David’s Church in Wales School Project is also to benefit from a significant surplus from another Vale Schools Project.

At the February Meeting the Community Council had a most comprehensive discussion with three Senior Vale Officers responsible for the School Project. At this stage discussions with the CC and all the other interested groups are at an early stage but with the objective of the upgraded facility being operational towards the autumn of 2020.

It is important that Colwinston retains this facility albeit in a modernised form and the CC will do all it can to ensure that as a priority it meets the growing needs of our Village.