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Colwinston Community Council

2022-23 Agendas and Minutes

2022-23 Agendas

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
0.agenda for agm 2022.docx23 May 202320kB
0.agenda.april 2022.docx23 May 202319kB
agenda june 2022.pdf23 May 2023108kB
agenda.july 2022 public notice.pdf23 May 2023119kB
agenda.may 2022.docx23 May 202321kB
agenda.nov 2022 public notice.docx23 May 202338kB
agenda.oct 2022 public notice.pdf23 May 2023126kB
agenda.sept 2022 public notice.pdf23 May 2023119kB
col dec 22 agenda public notice.docx23 May 202337kB
col feb 23 agenda public notice.docx23 May 202338kB
col jan 23 agenda.docx23 May 202336kB
col march 23 agenda public notice.pdf23 May 2023121kB

2022-23 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
0.0.minutes 16 may 22 agm.pdf23 May 2023112kB
0.1.minutes 16 may 22.pdf23 May 2023159kB
0.2.june minutes draft.pdf23 May 2023178kB
0.3.july minutes draft.pdf23 May 2023232kB
col 20.03.23 minutes draft.pdf23 May 2023231kB
feb 2023 minutes draft.docx23 May 202357kB
jan 23 minutes draft.pdf23 May 2023174kB
minutes dec22.pdf23 May 2023174kB
minutes.april 2022.docx23 May 202341kB
nov 22 minutes.pdf23 May 2023239kB
oct minutes draft.docx23 May 202358kB
sept minutes draft.pdf23 May 2023235kB