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Heol Cae Pwll

Email from VOGC dated 20th October 2020

In the first instance, I attach an approved plan (875.01 & 02 Rev B) which relates to the planting layout. This was approved in 2016 and illustrates that footpaths were supposed to have been provided around the drainage pond and through the area north of it. There are benches shown on the plan (small rectangles). I realise these have not been implemented/maintained as such, but new large residential development is required to provide public open space and this area was envisaged as making a contribution to that function. The footpath in front of Nos 42 & 43 (3946-15-06-017 Rev B) is not part of the approved plans, but is included within application 2014/00242/4/CD to provide access to the area. This application has not been determined.

The plan shows a 1.2m guard rail (currently there is a 450mm knee rail in this location). I would imagine this is for safety reasons, but I will clarify that with highways and/or parks and maintenance to see whether a lower rail height would be acceptable. There is no 2m fence on the proposals and I’m not sure where this has come from, other than perhaps the pond gradient (it would be 1.2m on the path side).

In addition, also as part of application 2014/00242/4/CD an updated version of plans 875.01 & 02 have been submitted, these omitting the footpath around the pond. It is something we had been seeking to re-instate.

I hope this covers the current state of affairs. The application is not subject to consultation, but I have received several comments from residents regarding the matter mostly objecting to the footpath/fence/benches. I will review/discuss the matter before any decision is made.

Plans in Library section