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Old Ford Area

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April 2022

We have now formed a group to administer and organise the Old Ford area. Richard Gibbs is Chair and other officers have been appointed. They are in the process of setting up a constitutiona and a bank account to enable them to access grants.

Clapper bridge - the paving is completed and the bench donated by Noni and Geoff Bates will be installed soon.

Well - clearance of the bank and a new wall will start soon

Pond - cleared out by the Edwards' digger and has self filled. We are waiting to see how it fares during the summer before deciding on the next step.

Hedge - has been cut back and layered by the Cardiff Volunteers.

Open areas - cleared and levelled by Peter Evans, dug by village volunteers and the Edwards family. Now seeded with grasses and wild flowers. A path has been laid by the hedge using chippings from the hedge cutting, again by village volunteers.


Clapper bridge - the intention is to tidy up the area around the bridge and make space for a memorial bench. Work on the other side is ongoing with the drainage improved and the track to the field covered with gravel. Cardiff volunteers have done sterling work helping to clear the area. Some villagers are already helping. If you would like to help email Julie Lloyd - see Members page for details.

The well - now that the main wall is complete quotes are being obtained to clear the rubbish at the side of the well and build a retaining wall. A path will be laid as well. We tried to lower the level of the water to inspect the structure but as the water table is much higher than in medieval times it filled up again in a couple of hours!

The wood farther up the lane - work is being done on a plan to make the wood safe, clean up failing trees and make it easy to walk through; including access for wheelchairs. The main problem is the cost so every source of grant is currently being explored.