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Colwinston Community Council

St David's School

April 2022 - After considerable toing and froing with the VoGC they have completed the pavement and road changes to improve safety outside the school. There are a few important issues still to resolve including the intrusive car park lighting and others being dealt with by the governers.

March 2021 - The petition raised 268 signatures. It has been presented to WPD and the VoGC. The matter is still not resolved and we are still making efforts to improve the layout outside of the school.

Feb 2021 - The CCC are raising a petition to change the road layout outside of the school before the new school opens in September. The layout proposed by VOGC is not the safest outcome. The CCC contend that the Western Power substation was put in the wrong place, not taking account of the safety of people around the school. If you haven't been asked to sign the petition please email and you will be sent an email to respond to.

The proposed layout is in the library as is the new site layout plan.

September 2020 - VOGC have approved theplanning application to build the new school. It had been delayed because of revised consultaion procedures and they are finalising outstanding issues.  There are two issues that the Comunity Council are pursuing:

1. The unsightly substation ouside the school. This has been discussed a number of times with VOGC and a site meeting is planned in the near future. We are hopeful we can make it safer and less obtrusive.

2, The potential increase in traffic through the village. Again this will be a subject of the site meeting.

You can help here by contacting this organisation

Road safety concerns? GoSafe are there to help

GoSafe is an organisation supported by all 22 Welsh local authorities. Their aim is to make Welsh roads safer and so save lives. You can read all about their work with safety cameras here:

The Community Council is regularly raising road safety concerns with the Vale of Glamorgan Council on your behalf and is always ready to pass on your concerns. However, you can also make GoSafe aware of your concerns via Twitter. Follow the link below, complete their form and they will endeavour to respond as soon as possible:

March 2020 update  downloads content of email to CCC